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"Justice delayed is justice denied." -- William E. Gladstone


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News from the Prosecutor’s Office

Conspirators in Euclid retirement home slaying sentenced to prison

A Cuyahoga County judge gave minimum sentences to three men who participated in a murder-for-hire plot at a Euclid retirement home for their testimony against a man who was sentenced last week to life in prison. more...

Euclid man gets life plus 33 years for retaliation murder

Eddie D. Brownlee was in Cuyahoga County Jail last fall facing drug charges when he directed four people to put a police informant “in his grave.” Those orders were carried out.  more...

Plea entered in the deadly shooting at Parma Sunoco

The Aggravated Murder trial of Logan Sinclair was to begin today, but
instead the 22-year-old pled guilty to the killing of Sunoco owner Robert Sposit on
November 28, 2015. more...

Neighbors who live near suburban bar feel safer with closing

A bar that was the scene of a deadly shooting last Saturday and was known as a crime magnet is now closed thanks to quick action by prosecutors, who got a restraining order. more...

County prosecutor calls H20 UltraLounge a "crime magnet," judge orders it shut down

H20 UltraLounge, a popular Maple Heights nightclub, is now closed after officials from the county's prosecutor office shut it down early Saturday morning, citing too much crime. more...