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"Justice delayed is justice denied." -- William E. Gladstone


Child Abuse/ Neglect  216.696.KIDS
Children Who Witness Violence  216.443.7345
Crime Stoppers  216.252.7463
Cuyahoga County Whistleblowers  216.698.2999
Domestic Violence Help  216.391.4357
Elder Abuse  216.420.6700
Environmental Crime  800.282.9378
MADD/Victim-Survivor Help  877.MADD.HELP
Ohio Consumer Protection  800.282.0515
Rape Crisis Center Help  216.619.6192
Suicide Prevention  216.623.6888

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News from the Prosecutor’s Office

'Domestic terror' gets 33 years in prison for rape and robbery spree

A Cleveland man who admitted to raping a 13-year-old girl and two women at gunpoint and shooting a man during a 2017 crime spree when he was 17 was sentenced Monday to more than three decades in prison. more...

10-Count Indictment for 2015 Aggravated Murder of Pizza Delivery Driver

Tyrone Leegrand II was indicted for the aggravated murder of Michael Prock, 41, on June 11, 2015.  more...

Gang Member Who Shot Child Bystanders Wants 41-Year Sentence to Serve as an Example for Others

A Cleveland gang member whose errant drive-by gunfire left a 3-year-old girl missing nearly half of her skull and wounded her 9-year-old cousin wanted to serve as an example for teenagers who turn to gangs and violence. more...

17 Count Indictment for Two Adults Involved in Buckeye Road Shooting

A Grand Jury indicted a brother and sister for the November 24 shooting on Buckeye Road that seriously injured five juveniles and killed a 12-year-old boy. more...

Man Indicted for Crime Spree that Claimed the Life of Salvation Army Employee

William T. Jones was indicted on charges for committing a crime spree that began in the City of Euclid with the murder of Salvation Army worker Jared J. Fier-Plesec and ended after a series of carjackings, assaults, and a shooting in the City of Lakewood. more...