Cuyahoga County

Clerk of Courts Requests County Prosecutor to Accept Certified Mail Waiver

May 3, 2013

CLEVELAND - Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty and Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts Andrea F. Rocco announced today the waiver of certified mail from the Clerk’s Office to the Prosecutor's Office.

Currently, the Prosecutor's Office receives a heavy volume of documents via certified mail on a daily basis from the Clerk’s Office. Both offices are located in the Justice Center and only floors away. This ongoing and wasteful expense has cost taxpayers a small fortune over the years. After Rocco’s appointment as Clerk of Courts, she was astonished to discover that documents were being sent by her office to her office via certified mail. Rocco decided the time has come to reduce costs and expedite efficiency when delivering documents from the Clerk to the Prosecutor. Rocco has asked the Prosecutor to waive certified mail and he has agreed.

Prior protocol required the Clerk's Office to send certified mail at $6.57 per envelope to the Prosecutor's Office. This mail would travel from the Justice Center to the Orange Avenue Post Office for processing and then back to the Justice Center for delivery. Rocco expects to realize a savings of approximately $25,000 per year by eliminating this unnecessary step between the Clerk’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office.

The waiver of certified mail service that was signed by Prosecutor McGinty eliminates all costs associated with service of journal entries and summons. This office will now accept personal delivery and/or e-mail of all such documents.

"We welcome Clerk Rocco’s initiative”, said Prosecutor McGinty. With over $1 million in certified mail costs being spent by the Clerk’s Office, it is anticipated that the other agencies can work cooperatively with her to eliminate unnecessary expense and waste. There are other county and city offices that cost the county a similar amount in certified mail. Clerk Rocco is also seeking their cooperation and agreement to forego the unnecessary certified mail process.  

“This partnership between the Prosecutor and the Clerk of Courts is a common sense, good government policy,” Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald said. “We will continue to modernize our operations and intend to replicate this waiver model for other Clerk of Courts certified mail requirements.”

Clerk of Courts Andrea Rocco said, “I am determined to see that my office operates with the efficiency and accountability that would be standard in the private sector.”

Contacts: Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office: Maria (Pinzone) Russo, (216) 698-2819 or Cuyahoga County Executive’s Office: Emily Lundgard, (216) 348-4395 or  

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