Cuyahoga County

Man sentenced in drunk-driving crash that killed woman

7/29/2014 7:50:00 PM
CLEVELAND — The man convicted in a deadly wrong way crash on I-480 was sentenced to 15 years in prison Tuesday.

Julio Vargas was drunk behind the wheel in April when he slammed into a car, killing Desiree Snyder, 22, and injuring her boyfriend, Antonio Rodriguez.

Snyder’s relatives packed the Cuyahoga County courtroom, wearing shirts reading “Justice for Desi.”

“She won’t have the chance to finish college, get married or have children of her own. Mr. Vargas took that from her, he took that from all of us,” said Pam Chapman, Desiree’s aunt, who made a statement in court on behalf of the family. “Getting behind the wheel of his girlfriend’s vehicle in his drunken state was equivalent to pointing a loaded gun and pulling the trigger.”

Julio Vargas was driving against traffic on I-480 westbound near West 130th Street in Cleveland when he crashed into the car Desiree was riding in on April 5.

Vargas had been previously convicted of DUI and was driving on a suspended license.

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