Cuyahoga County

Former Bedford Municipal Court Harry Jacob III sentenced to 60 days in jail, 6 months house arrest


Cleveland -- Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Brian Corrigan sentenced former Bedford Municipal Judge Harry Jacob III  to 60 days in jail and six months house arrest for falsifying court records and paying for sex with prostitutes.

Judge Corrigan also placed Jacob on probation for two years.

Assistant County Prosecutor Matthew Meyer said Jacob abused his power as a judge and dishonored the legal profession.

Meyer pointed to one sentencing in which Jacob insisted one prostitute go to jail for her crimes, yet he was asking the judge to treat him differently.

"He's coming to you, another judge, and asking you to go light on him," Meyer said.

"Now that it's time to face the punishment, he doesn't want to subject himself to the same punishment other people would get, and that's the inside of a jail cell."

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