Cuyahoga County

Prosecutor McGinty Honors Acevedo Investigators


January 9, 2014

Cleveland –Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty today presented awards to 15 individuals and organizations for their critical roles in bringing serial killer and rapist Elias Acevedo, Sr. to justice.

Acevedo was charged in October with the murders of Christina Adkins and Pamela Pemberton, whose cases had been unsolved for nearly 20 years, as well as with a series of rapes. On December 30, 2013, Acevedo entered a guilty plea to 297 felonies and was sentenced to remain in prison for the rest of his life by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Donnelly.

“I have been involved with the criminal justice system in this county for 40 years and this was the best work I have ever seen,” Prosecutor McGinty said at the awards ceremony in his office.

The joint effort by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies “saved lives’’ and  helped restore public confidence in the criminal justice system by solving the cases and holding Acevedo accountable for his vicious crimes, he added.

“Their work sent a message, loud and clear,’’ said Prosecutor McGinty. “If you rape and murder, you can run, but you cannot hide. Law enforcement in this community will track you down.”

To celebrate this “extraordinary investigative achievement,” Prosecutor McGinty created what he is calling the “Eagle Award.” He plans to use the award to recognize outstanding work in law enforcement.

 Honored for their efforts on the Acevedo case were:

  • The FBI Violent Crime Task Force, FBI Supervising Special Agent Timothy  Kolonick, Special Agent Andrew Burke, Special Agent Lance Fragomeli and Special Agent William Gang.
  • The Cleveland Police Department Sex Crimes Unit, Lieutenant James McPike, Detective Lynn Bilko and Detective Andy Harasimchuk.
  • Cuyahoga County Sheriff Frank Bova and Sheriff’s Detective Mark Adams.
  • The Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Richfield Forensics Laboratory.
    Assistant County Prosecutors Blaise Thomas and Brian Radigan.

“Collaboration towards a common goal is what is needed in law enforcement,’’ Prosecutor McGinty said. “It is good for the cause of justice and for the community we serve. It is indeed something to celebrate.”

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