Cuyahoga County

Cleveland police failed to collect DNA belonging to suspected rapist John Doe #1


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- George R. Young never had to be known as John Doe #1.

As Cuyahoga County DNA Cold Case investigators scrambled last spring to identify the man linked to the 1990s rapes of a teenager and a 37-year-old woman, Young was spending his nights downstairs in the county's jail.

During the day, he sat in a courtroom on the 23rd floor, trying to get a jury to acquit him of felony charges in the fourth straight case since 2001.

But investigators had no way of knowing that because Cleveland police had failed to collect Young's DNA during his August 2012 arrest in the shooting that injured three people.

Prosecutors, who were racing a 20-year statute of limitations to file charges in the rape of a 13-year-old girl, asked the grand jury to indict the suspected rapist's DNA fingerprint.

It was the first "John Doe" rape kit indictment in the state.

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