Cuyahoga County

County Moving Violent Offenders Out Of Juvenile System


The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor is taking steps to protect inmates at the county’s juvenile detention center. Prosecutor Timothy McGinty says his office is moving eight of the facility’s most violent inmates to the county jail.

Last month, Kristin Sweeney issued a warning about an increase in violence in the juvenile court system. She’s the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court administrative judge.

“I have a very big concern over violence in the detention center, because any level of violence is too much,” Sweeney said.

One of the problems Sweeney mentioned was a law allowing juvenile offenders to stay in juvenile detention, even after they turn 18.

Ideastream’s Tony Ganzer found out more about the law’s effect, and today’s announcement, from Duane Deskins, chief of the county prosecutor’s juvenile justice division.

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