Cuyahoga County

Judge sends convicted robber to prison for five years in vicious attack, search for money

A judge Tuesday sentenced a Richmond Heights man to five years in prison for his role in beating, robbing and forcing a woman into her car trunk for several hours on a day when temperatures reached 96 degrees.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Jackson sent Timothy Willis, 27, to prison for a crime that Willis said he did not commit, despite his guilty plea.

Willis' attorney said in a court document that his client admitted to the crimes "not because he was (guilty), but because he was fearful of a lengthy prison sentence.''

Tuesday's hearing, in which Willis' family and attorney sought leniency, ended a three-year wait for the victim, Leslie Slocum, who said she suffers psychological trauma from the attack.

"This has destroyed my life,'' she told Jackson between deep sobs. "I'm afraid to go outside.''

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