Cuyahoga County

Christmas in jail for mother who helped hide her son from police


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A retired Cleveland teacher will spend Christmas in jail for helping her son evade capture on sex abuse charges.

Cheryl Waters, 63,was sentenced to one year of probation and a $5,000 fine. But visiting Cuyahoga County Judge Michael J. Corrigan ordered Waters held in jail until Dec. 26, when her probation begins.

Waters told Corrigan that she had been "picking up" after her son throughout his life. She said she could not believe the allegations of sexual abuse were true when she first learned police were searching for her son.

"I tried to protect him one more time, and in doing so, I made the mistake of crossing the line," she said.

Now a resident of Hawaii, Waters pleaded guilty in July to obstructing justice after prosecutors said she sent money to her son, William Waters III, and concealed his whereabouts from the U.S. Marshals Service.

Cheryl Waters' attorney, Jerome Emoff, asked Corrigan on Monday to reconsider the probation date so she could spend Christmas with her family.

"She will spend Christmas in the county jail," Corrigan replied. "Good luck."

William Waters was sentenced last month to life in prison without parole, after a jury convicted him of sexually abusing three young girls over six years.

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