Cuyahoga County

Attorney indicted for tampering with evidence in Sherman murder case


Cleveland – An attorney has been indicted on charges that he tampered with evidence, misled the victim and purposely lied to police investigating the 2013 murder of Aliza Sherman outside the downtown Cleveland office building where his law offices were located, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty announced today.

 Gregory J. Moore, Aliza Sherman’s divorce attorney, had an appointment to meet his client on Sunday afternoon, March 24, 2013. Her divorce trial was scheduled to begin the next day. Evidence will show Mr. Moore was unprepared for that trial and that the judge had informed him there would be no more continuances in the case.

 Ms. Sherman, a Beachwood nurse, was stabbed repeatedly outside 75 Erieview Plaza. Her death at approximately 5:25 p.m. was captured by a security camera as was an image of her hooded killer.

 Today the Grand Jury indicted Mr. Moore on one count each of Tampering with Evidence, Telecommunications Fraud, Possessing Criminal Tools, Obstructing Official Business and Falsification, two counts of Forgery, three counts of Terroristic Threats and six counts of Inducing Panic. All except the Obstructing Official Business and Falsification charges are felonies.

 The Terroristic Threat counts refer to bomb threats Mr. Moore made from his cell phone in January, May and July of 2012 against courthouses in Geauga, Lake and Cuyahoga counties. On the day of each of the bomb threats, Mr. Moore was scheduled to begin a trial.

 Mr. Moore had previously been charged with Inducing Panic for those threats and has been awaiting trial in Common Pleas Court since he was first indicted for the Cuyahoga County threat in December 2013.

 Police investigation revealed that on the day Ms. Sherman was killed, Mr. Moore sent text messages to her cell phone just prior to and after her murder. Those messages indicated that he was in his office, but phone records analysis, electronic keycard records and witness statements show he was not in the building. Mr. Moore then made false statements to Cleveland Police homicide detectives when questioned about his whereabouts.

 “Ms. Sherman’s family and the community should rest assured that this case has never gone cold and that an aggressive investigation into her murder continues,” said Prosecutor McGinty. “We believe that this indictment and the evidence behind it take us one step closer to bringing her killer to justice. The work of the Cleveland Police and other investigative agencies has been relentless.”

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