Cuyahoga County

Court hears appeal from condemned Ohio serial killer of 11


Columbus, Ohio - A Cleveland man who was convicted of killing 11 women and sentenced to death deserves an open court hearing to challenge the admissibility of his hours long police interrogation, his attorney told the state's highest court Tuesday.

That hearing should be held even if it wouldn't affect the outcome of a new trial, said Jeffrey Gamso, who represents Anthony Sowell.

"An open trial with the press and the public present imposes on everybody involved a greater sense of propriety and the importance of getting everything and doing everything right," Gamso told the Supreme Court justices.

A Cuyahoga County prosecutor said the evidence against Sowell was overwhelming with or without the videotaped interrogation.

"The law and the facts are what they are," said assistant prosecutor Christopher Schroeder. "They're not going to change because a couple of people are sitting in the gallery in an open courtroom versus doing it in a closed courtroom."

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