Cuyahoga County

Trio who preyed on elderly are sentenced to prison



Oleh Yarochovitch
Christopher Nave
Rose Nemec

Cleveland– Prison will be the next stop for a trio of defendants who scoured suburban neighborhoods looking for the homes of elderly victims to burglarize, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty announced today.

Last month, Oleh Yarochovitch, Christopher Nave and Rose Nemec entered pleas of guilty to multiple counts of charges of Burglary and Theft for their roles in a string of home robberies in August and September of 2015.

On Tuesday, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Carolyn B. Friedland sentenced Yarochovitch to 14 years in prison, Nave to 10 years in prison, and Nemec to 2 years in prison.

“These defendants would drive the streets of communities such as Parma, Seven Hills and Mayfield Heights looking for vulnerable people to rob,” said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Fallon Radigan, who along with Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Anna Woods represented the State of Ohio in this case. “They were literally hunting for prey. There’s no better way to describe their operations and their motivation.”
Evidence showed that the defendants would look for victims who were outside their homes, usually doing yard work. The defendants would then enter the homes, lock the victims out of their own residences and steal items such as cash, coins, jewelry, wallets, lockboxes, keys or personal documents.
For example, in Parma on August 21, the victim was in her backyard, gardening, when the defendants entered her home through an open garage door. When she tried to enter her home after a few hours of gardening, the garage and front door were locked. When she finally got in, she noticed that her iPad, purse and a pillowcase were missing. She immediately called the police.

The defendants participated in nearly a dozen similar burglaries. Authorities were notified of a description of the defendants and of Nemec’s vehicle after a witness saw them fleeing a home. Parma officers observed the defendants driving in that community, appearing to be looking for another potential victim. The officers stopped the car and apprehended the defendants after a foot chase.

“Good work by the police put an end to this crime wave,” said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Radigan. “And now, Judge Friedland is making them pay for their crimes.”

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