Cuyahoga County

Three Sentenced to Life in Gang Retaliation Murder


Ky'tric Shropshire
 Jamall Lewis
 Ramel Lee
Cleveland – Three gang members who killed a woman and shot another man in a gang-related retaliation attack, have now all received life sentences, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty announced today.

Regina Neal was shot and killed on April 15, 2013, when Ky’tric Shropshire, then 17, and Jamall Lewis, then 19, opened fire at a group of people on East 134th Street in Cleveland. Both Shropshire and Lewis were members of the JPark gang.

According to testimony, a member of JPark’s rival gang, the ATM Jackboys, had fired shots at a member of JPark earlier that day. Ramel Lee, then 18, drove Shropshire and Lewis into ATM territory and the two jumped out of the vehicle when they spotted the group on East 134th Street. After shooting at the group, they fled in the car driven by Lee.

Ms. Neal, 20, was killed, and another man, 21, was wounded.

On June 10, a Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court jury convicted Lewis and Shropshire of Aggravated Murder, Attempted Murder, Felonious Assault, and Having Weapons Under Disability.

On June 23, Judge Michael P. Donnelly found Lewis also guilty of gang specifications and being a Repeat Violent Offender. He was sentenced to 44 years to life.

Today, Judge Donnelly found Shropshire guilty of gang specifications and sentenced him to life in prison, with first eligibility for parole after 34 years.

In a separate trial, a jury found Lee guilty in the Murder, Felonious Assault, Attempted Murder, Having Weapons Under Disability and gang specifications in the attack that killed Regina Neal.

On June 23, Judge Donnelly sentenced Lee to 24 years to life in prison.

“These three members of JPark shot two innocent people in the back for no reason whatsoever,” said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Cleary, who represented the State of Ohio along with Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys Brian Kraft and Andrew Gatti. “This young woman was simply walking in front of her home when she lost her life. These defendants are now going to pay for their wanton disregard for human life. The community should feel much safer now that these very violent young men are entering prison and won’t be released, if they are ever released, until they are old men.”

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