Cuyahoga County

East Cleveland man who killed former Kansas State football player sentenced to 14 years in prison


It is yet another case of senseless gun violence fueled by a decade long feud between two families. It ended with the death of former Kansas State football star David Garrett.

In dispute, who flashed a gun first. Not in dispute is that Barry Blevins, 32, was the killer. The bad blood between the Blevins family and the Garrett family had shown through at several court hearings and was evident at sentencing as five Deputies guarded the courtroom of Judge John O'Donnell.

David Garrett was killed in October of 2014 outside the Lavish Ultra Lounge on West 117th Street. A fight started and exactly how or why is in dispute as well. Blevins says he was trying to get out of dangers way when he fired while running away. Garrett was struck in the back.

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