Cuyahoga County

Cleveland bicycle robber who targeted women gets 21 years in prison


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A judge sentenced a 61-year-old man to 21 years in prison for robbing four women at gunpoint while riding his bicycle earlier this year in Cleveland.

George Parker, of Cleveland, was first arrested on a single weapons charge, but investigators eventually tied him to a string of robberies in the city's Hough neighborhood.

Parker pleaded guilty in October to three counts of aggravated robbery with a firearm. Judge Steven Gall handed down his sentence Thursday.

Cleveland police detailed to Playhouse Square in May spotted Parker riding his bicycle in the wrong direction on East 22nd Street at Carnegie Avenue, according to a police report.

They pulled him over and, when asked if he had "anything illegal" on him, Parker admitted to having a gun, the report says. Police arrested him and found a loaded black 9mm pistol in his drawstring backpack.

The gun had been reported stolen from Maple Heights.

Third District police and investigators on a team of Cuyahoga County prosecutors assembled to tie crimes together combed robbery reports and found several cases in which victims said a bicyclist his 60s robbed them

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