Cuyahoga County

Woman sentenced for killing boyfriend in reckless crash


Lynette Lawson

A 26-year-old Cleveland woman was sentenced Wednesday to eight years in prison for killing her boyfriend in a May car crash that started with an argument over an unexpected dinner guest.

Lynette Lawson sobbed before Common Pleas Judge Nancy Fuerst and begged for Stacey Moore's family to forgive her.

"I hope that they do forgive me one day because he wasn't a bad person at all," Lawson bawled. "I really loved him."

Fuerst told Lawson that her family could still see her while she was in prison, but Moore's family, including his children, would never get to see Moore again.

"Everybody loses here," Fuerst said.

Lawson pleaded guilty earlier this month to aggravated vehicular homicide and driving under the influence charges in the May 7 death of Stacey Moore.

Lawson and Moore had known each other since high school and reconnected several weeks before the incident though Facebook after they each ended relationships, according to court records.

Lawson borrowed Moore's Chevrolet Impala earlier in the day and got home around midnight. The pair went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, but Moore invited another woman to join them.

Lawson got mad that the woman came to dinner and she and Moore got into an argument. Moore and Lawson ended up stopped at East 25th Street and Payne Avenue on their drive home.

Lawson sped off down East 25th Street, jumped a curb, careened off a bark bench and a guardrail and crashed through a fence before her car went airborne onto the Interstate 90 on-ramp near Chester Avenue, prosecutors said.

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