Cuyahoga County

Prosecutor McGinty's statement on Douglas Shine Jr. sentence


“The State respectfully, but profoundly, disagrees with this decision. Every single juror heard the same, minimal evidence of mitigation and rejected it.

“Unfortunately, the court gave more weight to the self-serving, unsubstantiated statements of an unrepentant, malingering mass murderer than to the overwhelming evidence that he was fully capable of planning and carrying out this diabolical attack on a crowded barbershop filled with men, women and children.

“Any assertion that this assassin was too immature to be held responsible for his crimes and to receive the death penalty was disproven again when, from County Jail, he carefully planned the execution of the main witness against him.

“Every recorded phone call of his plot to kill demonstrated that this man knew exactly what he was doing – and that he fully deserved the jury’s verdict.

“The State thanks, first and foremost, the families of all of eight victims for their patience and perseverance. We also thank the law enforcement personnel – from Warrensville Heights Police Department, the Cleveland Division of Police, BCI, FBI and the Sheriff’s Office – who together worked relentlessly and at great personal risk to take this homicidal gang leader off the streets, as well as all those witnesses who courageously came forward despite intimidation.”

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