Cuyahoga County

County prosecutor calls H20 UltraLounge a "crime magnet," judge orders it shut down

Cleveland -- H20 UltraLounge, a popular Maple Heights nightclub, is now closed after officials from the county's prosecutor office shut it down early Saturday morning, citing too much crime.

"There are felony violations occurring on the property that constitute a nuisance subject to abatement, such as murder, felonious assaults, shootings, liquor violations, drug possession, amongst other criminal and civil violations," stated in the official petition submitted to a judge to close the club.

The petition states that police have received 65 calls for service to the club, located at 21300 Libby Road, in the last year.

It also states that a 21-year-old man was fatally shot in the head in H20's parking lot on October 15th following a large fight. When police responded, they found 26 shell casings nearby. Four cars had been hit by bullets.

"Some callers stated there were at least 10 people with guns," the petitions reads. "There were no calls by any staff from H20 Ultra Lounge regarding the fights."

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