Cuyahoga County

Three teens in custody for month-long violent crime spree


Three teens are facing a total of 133 charges. Prosecutors say they were involved in dozens of aggravated robberies and carjackings.

"In one case they robbed a mother in front of her three young children." says Assistant County Prosecutor Brian Kraft. "They wanted to steal her car, they  held her at gun point, they pulled her from the vehicle, they pistol-whipped her in front of her children. A 7-year-old child got out of the vehicle and told the young offender 'don't shoot my mother'. The offender pulled the weapon on the 7-year-old and held him there at gunpoint."

The crimes were committed in just about a month.  Prosecutors say the crime spree started January 18 and ended February 20 when arrests were made.

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