Cuyahoga County

Roaa Al-Dhanoon's Ex-Husband Indicted for Her Murder


Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. O'Malley announced today that a grand jury handed down a 15-count indictment for Fahad M. Saeed for the murder of his ex-wife, Roaa Al-Dhanoon.

Prosecutor O'Malley, along with the Lakewood Police Department, FBI, and Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department, held a press conference this morning announcing the charges that include Aggravated Murder, Murder, Aggravated Burglary, Kidnapping, Felonious Assault, and Gross Abuse of a Corpse.

Al-Dhanoon, 24, disappeared on October 16 and her body was recovered by law enforcement on May 15 in a ravine along Big Creek in Brooklyn. 

Saeed, 27, is currently serving a 6-month sentence in a Cuyahoga County jail for violating a protection order that was filed by Al-Dhanoon.

"Throughout this entire investigation, Saeed was extremely confident he would outsmart law enforcement," said O'Malley. "He was wrong."

He will be arraigned on May 23.

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