Cuyahoga County

Help Identify CVS Theft Offenders


Two CVS locations on Cleveland’s west side have been plagued with numerous robberies and thefts committed by at least eight (8) suspected juveniles. 

Cleveland Police Department’s First District and Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley are asking the public to help identify the offenders so they can be held accountable, and to ensure the safety of employees and members of the community.
The CVS location at 3171 West Blvd. has been robbed 24 times since March. The CVS at 10022 Madison Avenue has been robbed 32 times since July. The store’s most recent robbery occurred on October 21. They steal as much merchandise as they can carry and also fill stolen trash bags with store merchandise.

CVS has hired loss prevention security guards. In response to the added security, the offenders have become more bold and have physically forced their way past security. On several occasions, they attempted to kick down security doors, push guards, and throw objects at them. CVS vendors, employees, and patrons have also been pushed and shoved.

“The robberies are continuing to escalate which affects the lives and well-being of CVS employees and patrons,” said Prosecutor O’Malley. “The citizens in these communities are unable to go to work without fear of being robbed or worse.”

If you have information, please contact Cleveland Police Department’s First District at (216) 623-5100.