Cuyahoga County

Crime Strategies Unit

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office is committed to understanding the nature of the crimes facing our communities, from violent crimes to quality-of-life issues.  We are invested in identifying the crime drivers in each community.  To further this effort, the Crime Strategies Unit (CSU) was created, modeled after similar, successful departments in other major metropolitan areas.

The mission of the Crime Strategies Unit, is to harness the collective resources of the County Prosecutor's Office to develop and implement intelligence-driven prosecution strategies that address crime issues and target priority offenders.

The Crime Strategies Unit facilitates the flow of information among various units within the office as well as among the over 56 police municipalities, other various law enforcement agencies in Cuyahoga County, and with community groups.  The unit, with its ability to see crimes occurring county wide, acts as a central hub to ensure vital information and intelligence is reaching the right agencies expediently.  Identifying and prosecuting crime drivers can result in a significant reduction in crime rates overall in our community.

Crime Strategy Unit Goals

  • Reduce Crime
  • Identify and Prosecute Crime Drivers
  • Track Local Criminals
  • Track Individual Cases
  • Neighborhood/Community Engagement
  • Examine Crime Trends
  • Predict Future Problems/Patterns

The Team


The Crime Strategies Unit is comprised of Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, crime analysts, and paralegals. As part of the Prosecutor's Office's overall commitment to reducing violent crime
, especially crimes committed with firearms, this unit has one goal: gather, analyze, and share data among law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, and the community to enhance the County's ability to hold individuals accountable for violating the law.  This team analyzes and produces data to identify crime trends and crime-driving groups in our community.  Members of the CSU are available to law enforcement agencies and community groups to discuss and understand trends in criminal activity in various geographic areas of the county.

Security Camera Mapping Project

Help solve crime in your neighborhood

The Crime Strategies Unit is creating an inventory of security cameras in Cuyahoga County.  Our goal is to create a database of information that law enforcement can easily reference in order to find out where security cameras are located, who the contact person is for a particular retail establishment or residence, and what is the retention policy.

How to register your security camera

Simply click here to complete the registration form. Your camera location and contact information will only be shared with law enforcement to view footage and request a copy if it will be helpful to their investigation

Community Engagement

The Crime Strategies Unit routinely engages in events to foster collaborative relationships between our office, law enforcement, and community groups.  Leveraging the knowledge community groups possess about their neighborhoods and citizens, we are better equipped to address crime in these areas.

In 2015 our office participated in a crime safety summit, which included Ohio City Inc. and the police departments of the following organizations: City of Cleveland - 2nd District, Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, and Cleveland Clinic.  As a result of the safety summit, the Crime Strategies Unit has been meeting with community development organizations and neighborhood block watches, as well as attending the Cleveland Police Department's Community Relations and Commander's Meetings.  Our goal is to introduce the work being done by our office, provide a friendly prosecutorial contact, and make connections between the community and law enforcement.


 List of community engagement activities
Buckeye Shaker Development Corporation
Campus District, Inc.
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation
Downtown Cleveland Alliance 
Midtown Cleveland Alliance
Northeast Shores Development Corporation
Ohio City Inc.
Shaker Heights Citizens Academy
St. Clair - Superior Development Corporation
Tremont West Development Corporation

Law Enforcement Request Intelligence Assistance

Law Enforcement can request assistance on an investigation by contacting:

Ryan Bokoch, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney