Cuyahoga County

Investigation Unit


 Investigators and attorneys work closely together
to prepare and prosecute cases handled by our office.

Investigators within the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office work with attorneys and law enforcement to investigate and strengthen cases being handled by our office. They locate witnesses interviewed by law enforcement and deliver subpoenas, execute search warrants, collect evidence and perform other vital work to assist criminal prosecutions.
Investigators are available to assist with any type of criminal case. Some are assigned to specific units or task forces, including the DNA Cold Case Task Force, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Organized Crime Task Force, the Cold Case Unit and the Economic Crime Unit. Investigators are also assigned to current special initiatives including human trafficking, public corruption and the hunt for Amy Mihaljevic's killer.

More than two dozen investigators work within the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, bringing more than 130 combined years of experience in law enforcement. Many of our investigators previously served as police officers. Some are currently commissioned as law enforcement officers and certified through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy.