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The Major Trial Unit is the preeminent litigation unit in the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office.  Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys assigned to the MTU are among the County’s and the State’s most effective and accomplished trial attorneys.  Major Trial Assistant Prosecutors possess specialized knowledge, expertise and experience to deal with Cuyahoga County’s most serious offenses.  In addition to their trial preparation and trial skills, Major Trial Assistant Prosecutors interact with victims, the families of the victims and the witnesses to some of Cuyahoga County’s most horrendous crimes.   

The Major Trial Unit is divided into three sections:

Major Trial General Section

Assistant Prosecutors assigned to the General Section handle homicide cases, including those Capital Murder cases where the death penalty is a sentencing option. Assistant Prosecutors respond in real time to a homicide scene where they are able to begin the process of absorbing the facts of the case and assisting law enforcement with legal matters such as coordination of search warrants. Just as important to their mission of tackling some of the most serious crimes in the County, the General Section MTU Prosecutors bring their trial acumen and their doggedness to the prosecution of perpetrators of sexual assaults against adult victims.

Child-Victim Section

When a child is a victim of a sexual assault or serious physical abuse, the Assistant Prosecutors who are members of the Child Victim Section are tasked to bring to justice the perpetrators of those vicious and unspeakable crimes. These Assistant Prosecutors possess the compassion to prepare children who have suffered sexual violence and physical abuse to participate in the adult world of trials and court proceedings. Child Victim Prosecutors then turn their passion for justice to the courtroom and ensure that child molesters and abusers are held accountable for their heinous acts.

Special Prosecution Section

Elder and Special Victim Protection

Assistant Prosecutors assigned to the Elder and Special Victim Protection Unit handle cases involving elderly victims and victims who are unable to fend for themselves due to medical or organic conditions. Crimes, both physical and economic, committed against some of our most vulnerable citizens are handled by committed and dedicated prosecutors who are zealous advocates.

Juvenile Bind-over

These Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys handle juveniles who have committed violent crimes that are eligible to be bound-over from juvenile justice system to the adult system for trial. Crimes such as Aggravated Murder, Rape and Aggravated Robbery committed with a firearm are among the crimes that are eligible to be bound-over.  Assistant Prosecutors navigate the juvenile justice system as well as the adult criminal system to ensure that the worst juvenile offenders are punished accordingly.

Major Trial Support

Members of the Major Trial Support team are non-lawyers who assist the Assistant Prosecutors in the preparation, presentation and trial of Major Trial cases.  These support staff are relied upon as the communication and logistic hub of the Major Trial Unit.  They include administrative assistants and, by assignment, law clerks and investigators.