Cuyahoga County

2014 Annual Meeting

Paul Soucie, Prosecutor of the Year 2014

Captain Keith Sulzer, Cleveland Police Department, pictured with attorneys from the General Felony Unit, Region 2

Help Desk Technician Mario Morales received an Unsung Hero Award for his dedication to the office.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Ronni Ducoff was honored for her advocacy on behalf of child victims of crime.

Legal Clerk John Temple received the Patricia A. Costello Award for Excellence in Administration.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office held its 2014 Annual Meeting at the Cleveland Convention Center on Friday, May 15.

The afternoon’s theme reflected County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty’s emphasis on collaboration within the office and with a broad array of justice system partners:

“Teamwork Makes a Difference.”

In keeping with that concept, the focus was on honoring both individuals for outstanding work during the past year and the overall office’s efforts to serve the cause of justice on cases large and small that impact the lives of the Cuyahoga County residents we represent.

Newly hired Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel, the former Ohio State University football coach, delivered the keynote speech, encouraging every employee to be a leader and to look for ways to advance the goals of the Prosecutor’s Office. He also stressed the need to carry that model of servant leadership into a balanced family and civic life.

WTAM morning host Jimmy Malone opened the program by thanking the staff for its important work and many successes. He also helped Prosecutor McGinty, First Assistant Prosecutor Duane Deskins and Chief of Staff Jane Platten hand out awards.

One set of awards went to the many people in the office, at law enforcement agencies and in the legal community who worked on the Ariel Castro case. The last of these Eagle awards went posthumously to Louwana Miller, the mother of Amanda Berry, who died before her daughter as found, but who, Assistant County Prosecutor Anna Faraglia noted, “never gave up hope and who always encouraged us to keep looking.”

In his remarks, Prosecutor McGinty praised the scholarship program that Malone and his wife April started to help local students attend college. He said that one of the Office’s central missions to provide a safe and honest public sphere so that more people will feel confident to invest in this community’s future as the Malones have.

Everything we want to accomplish, Prosecutor McGinty said, “starts with measuring ourselves and dedicating ourselves to constant improvement, so that we will ready when the next challenge arises.”

2014 Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office Honorees

John T. Corrigan Award for Exceptional Service

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor of the Year

    Paul Soucie
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Economic Crimes Unit Supervisor

Patricia A. Costello Award for Excellence in Administration

Recognizing outstanding performance and leadership in administrative support that has significantly benefited the honorees' unit, division and the Office of the Prosecutor as a whole

    John Temple

    Legal Clerk
    Children and Family Services Unit

Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement

Recognizes a law enforcement officer, team or agency that best exemplifies integrity, collaboration and excellence in the pursuit of justice

    Captain Keith Sulzer
    Cleveland Police Department

Award for Excellence in Management

Recognizing outstanding managerial achievements that have significantly improved operations and productivity, or inspired excellence throughout the office

    Marvin J. Davies, III
    Director of Finance and Operations

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Community Partnerships for Public Safety

Recognizing an employee who exemplifies a commitment to establishing strong community relationships through training, collaboration and sharing of expertise among law enforcement, partner agencies and the community as a whole

    Deborah Naiman
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Major Drug Offenders Unit Supervisor

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Leadership & Mentoring

Recognizing those who are most deeply committed to recognizing, developing and encouraging talent among employees through mentoring

    Michelle Myers
    In-Charge Attorney, Children & Family Services Unit

    John Kosko
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, General Felony Unit Regions 5 and 6 Supervisor

Award for Outstanding Contributions by an Emerging Leader

Recognizing a newer employee who has already made significant contributions to the office, and who demonstrates leadership and commitment to ongoing professional development

    Christopher Schroeder
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Economic Crimes Unit

Award for Distinguished Contributions to Child Advocacy

Recognizing an employee who has demonstrated unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of children and juveniles

    Ronni Ducoff
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Major Trial Unit

Award for Distinguished Contributions to Victim Advocacy

Recognizing an employee who has demonstrated unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of victims

    Kelli Perk
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, General Civil Unit

Award for Exemplary Collaboration

Recognizing an employee who best exemplifies a culture of teamwork and cooperation, who demonstrates initiative and dependability in pursuit of team goals, and who is supportive and encouraging of peers

    Nicole DiSanto
    Investigator, DNA Cold Case Task Force

Award for Exemplary Crime Prevention Efforts

Recognizing employees who have dedicated their time to innovative crime prevention initiatives

    Lindsay Raskin
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Juvenile Justice Unit

    Eben McNair
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Juvenile Justice Unit

    Gregory Mussman
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Major Trial Unit

Unsung Hero Award

Recognizing employees who consistently demonstrates initiative, perseverance and humility; produces excellent work; and sets an example of leadership without expectation of recognition

    Mario Morales
    Help Desk Technician

    James Moss
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Appeals Unit

Pillar of Justice Awards

Recognizing exemplary work within a unit or team

    Anthony Beery, APA, Child Support Enforcement Unit, Establishment Section
    Sarah Denney, APA, Administration
    Farah Emeka, APA, Child Support Enforcement Unit, Post-Decree
    Nick Gemuenden, Information Systems Administrator
    James Gutierrez, APA, Economic Crimes Unit
    Yosef Hochheiser, APA, General Felony Unit
    Brent Kirvel, APA, Major Trial Unit
    Theresa Lee, Support Staff Coordinator, Juvenile Justice Unit
    Adrienne Linnick, APA, General Felony Unit
    Barbara Marburger, APA, Civil Unit
    Maxwell Martin, APA, DNA Cold Case Task Force
    Katherine E. Mullin, APA, Appeals Unit
    Paul Myles, APA, Grand Jury Unit
    Cheryl Rice, APA, Children and Family Services Unit
    Gregory B. Rowinski, APA, Tax Foreclosure Unit
    Diane Russell, APA, General Felony Unit
    Kerry Ann Sowul, APA, General Felony Unit
    Carl Sullivan, Economic Crimes Unit

Soaring Eagle Awards

Recognizing outstanding investigative work

    Michael J. O'Malley
    Investigations Supervisor

    David K. Frattare
    Investigator, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

    Lem Griffin
    Cleveland Police Department

Stare Decisis Awards

Recognizing litigators who have demonstrated uncommon skill in arguing complex cases with far-reaching impact

    Brian Gutkoski
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Appeals Unit

    Edmund W. Searby
    Baker & Hostetler

Eagle Awards

Recognizing outstanding teamwork and commitment during the investigation and prosecution of The State v. Ariel Castro.
Individuals were recognized from the following agencies and organizations:

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office
Cleveland Police Department
Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner
Ohio Attorney General's Office, Bureau of Criminal Investigations
Cleveland Land Bank
Attorneys Representing Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight
Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, along with their families