Cuyahoga County

Elias Acevedo Case

As the Castro case wound down, a multi-agency team of investigators led by the FBI began to look at some other long unresolved crimes – including the January 1995 disappearance of Christina Adkins, who was then 18 years old. Their interest soon focused on a convicted sex offender named Elias Acevedo who had been a peripheral suspect in the initial investigation after Adkins vanished.

They did not need to look far for more information on Acevedo. Through the work of the DNA Cold Case Task Force, he had been indicted for a 1993 rape. The crime had occurred near Clark Field in Tremont, close to where the murdered body of Pamela Pemberton had been discovered in 1994. Her killer had never been found.

After investigators confronted Acevedo with evidence of additional sex crimes developed by the FBI-led task force, he brought them to an isolated spot amid the intersection of three interstate highways. There they found the remains of Adkins. Acevedo was subsequently indicted for her murder as well as that of Pemberton and a long series of rapes.

It was also the product of intense cooperation.

On December 30, 2013, Acevedo entered a plea of guilty to a 297-count indictment that included the aggravated murders of Christina Adkins and Pamela Pemberton. He was sentenced to two consecutive terms of 20 years to life plus an additional 405 years.

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