Cuyahoga County

Resources for the Community

Keeping the people of Cuyahoga County safe on the streets and in their homes and businesses and standing up for them when they have been the victims of crimes are the top priorities for the Prosecutor’s Office.

Those tasks can take many forms, from educating parents on Internet safety, to advocating for victims of crime, reviewing innocence claims for convicted felons, attending community meetings and events, and reviewing requests to seal criminal records.

Learn more about how the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office serves citizens through the following programs and resources:
  • Internet Safety for Children and Families
     The Internet makes it easy for people to prey on vulnerable children. This task force handles cybertips, prosecutes offenders and provides important education to children, teens, parents and teachers about how to stay safe online.
  • Resources for Victims of Crime
    Our office has a dedicated team of advocates who help crime victims access services, understand their rights, navigate the justice system and stay informed.
  • Conviction Integrity Unit
    We want to prosecute the guilty, not the innocent. This unit reviews wrongful conviction claims.
  • How to Seal a Criminal Record
    Certain types of criminal records can be sealed, which can make it easier to find housing or employment. Learn more about this process and how our office reviews these applications.
  • Requesting Public Records
    It is the policy of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office that government records are the people's records, and that we are merely trustees for the people.