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12/31/2013Victims in some decades old cases find out their attackers are dead
12/30/2013Elias Acevedo Sr. to serve life in prison for two murders and rapes of four family members
12/30/2013Acevedo: Life without parole plea agreement for murders
12/26/2013Prosecutor McGinty reflects on memorable year
12/21/2013New Cuyahoga County Juvenile Prosecutor to collaborate on prevention efforts
12/21/2013Prosecutor McGinty takes the fight against juvenile crime to a new level: editorial
12/19/2013Mom Sentenced in 3-Year-Old’s Murder
12/19/2013Bedford Law Director Ken Schuman and Municipal Court Judge Harry J. Jacob III indicted
12/11/2013Man who sexually assaulted autistic teen: "I am not a predator"
12/6/2013Assistant Cuyahoga Prosecutor Anna Faraglia wins statewide prosecutor of the year award
12/2/2013City employee's tip leads to conviction of sexual predator, prosecutors say
12/2/2013Parents Charged After Child Dies from Cold-Like Symptoms
11/22/2013Jury finds Camilia Terry guilty of killing her son but not of planning his murder
11/13/2013Exclusive: Amy Mihaljevic's father expresses confidence in new investigator
10/22/2013Sexual predator pleads guilty to three West Side rapes reported in the 1990s
10/18/2013The longest of long shots: How authorities got Elias Acevedo to confess to two murders
9/24/2013The Shakespearean Death of Billy Slagle
9/23/2013East Cleveland police team up with prosecutor's office to send nearly 200 rape kits for testing
9/4/2013Prosecutor Timothy McGinty calls "degenerate molesters" like Ariel Castro cowards
8/22/2013Cuyahoga County corrections officer accused of bribery, doing favors for inmates
8/22/2013Kinship care workshop helps grandparents make critical decisions.
8/13/2013Prosecutors: DNA Links Officer Killer to Fifth Rape
8/5/2013Members of the DNA Cold Case Task Force explain their roles
7/25/2013Former Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts deputy director pleads guilty to 37 felony charges