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12/30/2014Criminal justice leaders hold training, promise to collaborate to better protect domestic violence victims
12/30/2014Life in prison for man convicted in child's shooting death
12/30/2014Geoffrey Gurkovich sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 26 years for killing 5-year-old Jermani Brooks
12/21/2014Keep politics and judicial fundraising out of courtrooms: Timothy J. McGinty (opinion)
12/19/2014With new law, Ohio continues trend toward national leadership on rape kit testing
12/15/2014Convicted gambler loses nightstand stash of $500,000, gets probation and $5,000 fine
12/13/2014First 200 parents who bring children to exchange toy guns Dec. 13 will get $25 Dave's gift card
12/11/2014Victim held as sex slave of 'Buddy Love' speaks to NewsChannel5
12/11/2014Knife-wielding killer sentenced to life in prison for attack at ex-girlfriend's home
12/10/2014Darrell McClendon gets 15 years in prison for compelling women to engage in prostitution
12/9/2014Prosecutors won't fight attempts by 3 men to gain millions for wrongful imprisonment of 1975 slaying
12/5/2014Cuyahoga County officials give update on fentanyl: 12 deaths, 12 ODs in 3 weeks
12/1/201419-year-old father sentenced to life in prison for killing his 2-month-old daughter
11/19/2014Ex-Cleveland police officer sentenced to 19 years in prison for videotaping sex with teen
11/19/2014Former police officer sentenced for having sex with teen girl
11/13/2014Shooter pleads guilty to killing 5-year-old girl, blinding her mother; faces 18 years to life in prison
11/12/2014County seizes $1.1 million in stashed cash from gambler Martin Sarcyk following guilty plea
11/10/2014Cleveland man sentenced to life in prison for raping friend's 12-year-old daughter
10/30/2014Prosecutors ask for $1 million bond for defendant in child abuse and assault cases
10/30/2014Army veteran suffering from PTSD sentenced to 12 years for vicious stabbing
10/29/2014Cleveland sting catches 34 of 38 wanted BBE 900 gang members
10/29/2014Attention on rape kit cases turns to the Cuyahoga County suburbs
10/28/2014Cleveland firefighter resigns after guilty plea involving Richmond Heights scandal
10/24/2014Is Michael Irby one of Cleveland's most prolific serial rapists?
10/21/2014Two men sentenced to life in prison for killing woman in a case of mistaken identity
10/20/2014Rape kit testing projects could 'revolutionize' future sexual assault investigations, prosecutor says
10/20/2014Husband sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing his wife
10/15/2014Former Cleveland police officer pleads guilty to videotaping sex with teen-ager
10/15/2014Former Bedford Municipal Court Harry Jacob III sentenced to 60 days in jail, 6 months house arrest
9/25/2014The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office making swift changes in how it handles felony domestic violence cases; asks for cooperation from others
9/25/2014'Early morning rapist' James Daniel III tied to Aug. 30 Lakewood rape, 2000 Cleveland rape
9/23/2014Priest jailed for stealing from parish looking to be released
9/22/2014Cleveland father sentenced to life in prison for killing his 3-year-old son
9/16/2014Former Lorain development director Sanford Prudoff to pay city $20,000 as part of plea deal
9/15/2014First ever Juvenile Safe Surrender event to be held at Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court next week
9/9/2014Justice Unfinished
9/4/2014Kidnapping, sex crime conviction wrongly overturned, Ohio Supreme Court rules
8/26/2014Teen gets 20 years in prison for brutal attack on elderly couple
8/23/2014Benedictine senior Jerome Baker, St. Edward senior Alex Stump, Judge Dick Ambrose lead high school pledge against sexual assault and violence
8/15/2014Little boy dies from beating, brought back by doctors
8/13/2014Sword-wielding sex offender sentenced to 28 years in prison
8/10/2014Northeast Ohio heroin traffickers being injected with new legal weapon: manslaughter charges
8/2/2014No Longer Ignored, Evidence Solves Rape Cases Years Later
7/29/2014Man sentenced in drunk-driving crash that killed woman
7/28/2014Victims' letters detail pain of ex-Parmadale aide's abuse; judge sends Cassondra Goodson to prison for 44 years
7/23/2014Man driving under the influence of heroin sentenced to four years in prison for death of woman following accident
7/22/2014Cleveland has cleared backlog of 3,985 untested rape kits
7/22/2014Judge sends convicted robber to prison for five years in vicious attack, search for money
7/18/2014Bedford police videotaped visitors to brothel building for 6 months in 2013
7/18/2014Former Richmond Heights superintendent denied early prison release
7/11/2014Judge sends career criminal to prison again, this time for breaking into business
7/9/2014Prosecutors blast convicted Richmond Heights schools superintendent's chance at early release
7/7/2014Former Cleveland firefighter sentenced to probation for stealing hazmat equipment
7/7/2014Ohio leads the way on breaking through the rape kit backlog
7/1/2014Doctor gets 3 years for attacking former son-in-law
6/26/2014Cleveland man convicted in deadly wrong-way crash on I-480
6/24/2014Takeaways from FBI news conference on combating child sex trafficking
6/24/2014Judge sentences teen to 28 years in prison for brutal rape of West Side woman
6/23/20145 takeaways from Sunday's heroin awareness fundraiser in Lakewood
6/19/2014Former Parmadale employee pleads guilty to illegal sexual encounters with two teenage girls from the center
6/16/2014Anesthesiologist who sexually assaulted patient will leave the country after serving his sentence
6/12/2014Crackdown on violent juvenile offenders, no more second chances
6/11/2014Cleveland roofing contractor charged with felony theft, three jobs never started
6/4/2014Rapist sentenced to prison after DNA matches 20-year-old rape kit
5/30/2014Cleveland police chase and shooting grand jury: Patrolman and 5 supervisors are indicted
5/28/2014Cuyahoga County prosecutors go after the Heartless Felons, a prison gang that has spread to Cleveland's streets
5/23/2014Hernandez Warren sentenced for murder of Gloria Pointer
5/21/2014Convicted rapist pleads guilty to killing 14-year-old Gloria Pointer; sentencing set for Friday
5/16/2014Killer gets life in prison for slayings that judge called 'completely unnecessary'
5/16/2014Ex-Cleveland cop is sentenced to 9 years after rape conviction
5/14/2014McGinty, DeWine accuse Youngstown mayor, Mahoning County official of racketeering
5/8/2014An inside look at an ICAC arrest
5/7/2014Judge allows prosecutors to use evidence seized after search of accused serial killer Michael Madison's garage
5/7/2014CMSD supervisor sentenced for sixth OVI
5/6/2014Judge allows prosecutors to use Hernandez Warren's confession at trial in death of 14-year-old Gloria Pointer
5/6/2014Former mayor of Valley View pleads guilty to money laundering, attempted racketeering over campaign funds
5/2/2014100 Cuyahoga County rape kit indictments: What have we learned?
4/24/2014Gambling raid puts North Royalton man in a familiar position
4/22/2014Brother of former Browns' linebacker Eddie Johnson sentenced to life in prison for hammer slaying
4/21/2014Cleveland woman admits to driving over friend and dragging body 400 feet
4/19/2014New Conviction Integrity Unit will review innocence claims
4/11/2014Cleveland man sentenced to eight years in prison for the shooting of his half-brother
4/10/2014Final firefighter pleads guilty in shift-trade investigation
4/8/2014County judge orders $432,706 forfeited in synthetic drug convictions
4/3/2014Appeals court rules statements to doctors and nurses made by now-deceased woman who reported rape decades ago can be used by prosecutors
4/2/2014Mom sentenced to prison time for extreme punishment
4/2/2014Jury finds veteran Cleveland police officer guilty of 2012 rape
4/1/2014Juvenile judge finds teen fatally hit elderly woman
3/11/2014County Moving Violent Offenders Out Of Juvenile System
3/11/2014Nurse sentenced after admitting to inappropriate sexual contact with woman in labor
3/10/2014Prison for man who tried to kill wife by tampering with her car
3/7/2014Pair suspected of selling lethal heroin-fentanyl mixture face involuntary manslaughter charges
3/6/2014Man who stole communion vessels from Lakewood churches sentenced to five years in prison
3/5/2014Prosecutors: Bedford judge trolled web for prostitutes while at work
3/3/2014The Bedford Judge and the Brothel Bust
3/1/2014Quisi Bryan sentencing becomes public debate on sexual assault response -- decades ago and now
2/28/2014Death row inmate Quisi Bryan sentenced to 20 to 50 years in prison for 1994 rape
2/21/2014Lion of Judah charter school operator ordered to pay $195,000 in restitution
2/21/2014Cleveland police failed to collect DNA belonging to suspected rapist John Doe #1
2/17/2014Investigator: Scrip rings are fastest growing drug crime
2/16/2014Student leaders draw a bead on violence, sexual abuse and cyber crime
2/13/2014Baldwin Wallace students sentenced to nine months in prison for plot to manufacture Ecstasy
2/13/2014County Prosecutor McGinty starts anti-heroin TV push
2/13/2014Prison for drunk driver convicted of killing 70-year-old man
2/12/2014Jury finds Charles Steele guilty in rape kit cases involving four women
2/10/2014CLE Firefighters Sentenced in Shift-Trading Case
2/1/2014First of 21 "John Does" sought from rape kit DNA identified
1/31/2014Prosecutors discover identity of 'John Doe' linked to two 1990s rapes
1/31/2014Former Funeral Director Admits Poisoning, Killing Wife
1/23/2014Heroin addict sentenced to prison for beating elderly neighbor
1/17/2014Scam artist asks to return to prison; judge says no
1/16/2014Ohio Supreme Court reinstates Cleveland man's felony conviction for domestic violence
1/15/2014Parents number one defense when it comes to protecting kids online
1/15/2014Former church music instructor sentenced to prison after having sex with teen parishioner
1/6/2014Bedford Municipal Judge Harry Jacob III arraigned