Cuyahoga County

Justice System Performance

The County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to transparency and accountability. As with a private-sector corporation, the goal is to collect and analyze data and use it to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

These Justice System Performance Dashboards have been built using data from the case management system in the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office. We hope eventually to supplement this data with information from the court’s own record-keeping system.

We also plan to create dashboards that track all relevant performance from time of an arrest through sentencing. We will be constantly improving these dashboards and using them to compare our performance with that of other jurisdictions. We will study the best practices of higher performing jurisdictions and set goals to equal or better their successes.

We want these dashboards to foster a vigorous discussion about how all of us in the Criminal Justice System – police, prosecutors, defenders, administrators, bureaucrats and judges – can better serve the public.

We believe that by tracking data, using it to identify problems and then adopting reforms that have been proven effective elsewhere, the quality of justice that we deliver can be improved for everyone in Cuyahoga County.


Access the Dashboards

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County Jail Analysis

Defendant Case Timeline Analysis
Trial Certainty
This dashboard provides a census of the Cuyahoga County Jail, analyzes the length of time in jail, breaks down defendants by judge and prosecutor, and shows historical population data. A criminal case can be broken down into several stages. Analyzing these timelines can reveal opportunities for improving
efficiency at each stage.
Trial certainty tracks the likelihood that a case will go to trial on the date set. More trial date certainty will improve efficiency and deter needless delays.
Charging Statistics

Early Disposition Court
Arraignment Analysis
This dashboard analyzes charges and cases - violent vs. non-violent and FBI categories.

Early Disposition Court is designed to expedite the judicial process for eligible low-level offenders. Increased use of this system
will reduce the costs of these cases and bring closure for defendants.
This dashboard displays the number of defendants arraigned by judge.
Active Case Analysis
   Adult Dispositions
Diversion allows low-level offenders with
no prior felonies to avoid criminal charges by meeting certain conditions such as
paying restitution to victims and
providing community service.
This dashboard displays the number of active cases by the age of the case, by highest charge level, by prosecutor and by judge. This dashboard displays defendant demographics, the outcomes of cases (known as dispositions) and trial statistics.