Cuyahoga County

Juvenile Sentenced to 33 Years in Prison for Rape in Downtown Parking Garage and Multiple Other Crimes



CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley announced that Michael Hutchins, now 18, was sentenced to 33 years in prison for raping a woman in a downtown parking garage and several other crimes he committed between October 9th, 2018, and February 14th, 2019.  

“This individual repeatedly ignored every single rehabilitation opportunity afforded to him as a juvenile,” said Prosecutor O’Malley.  “No form of punishment or amount of time behind bars will ever repair the damage that he has caused.”

On October 9th, 2018, Cleveland Christian Home staff attempted to transport Hutchins back to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.  He broke free of staff members’ grasp and ran away.

On November 4th, 2018, Hutchins stole a laptop belonging to a 53-year-old female on the campus of Cleveland State University.  The defendant walked into the Wolstein Center blending in with a group of students to gain entry.  He entered the victim’s office, stole the laptop, and fled the scene.

In the late afternoon on February 14th, 2019, a 35-year-old female was walking through the 5th Street Arcade in Downtown Cleveland when Hutchins ran up behind her, reached inside her purse, and stole her cellphone.  The victim and a nearby witness ran after Hutchins.  He threw the cellphone on the ground as he fled the scene.

Approximately two hours later, the defendant walked into a fitness center on Prospect Ave located across the street from the Arcade, stole car keys belonging to a 24-year-old male, and fled the gym. 

A short time later, Hutchins sexually assaulted a 51-year-old victim in a nearby parking garage located on Prospect Avenue.  Walking to her car after work, the victim entered the parking garage elevator.  The defendant suddenly got on the same elevator.  When the victim exited, Hutchins attacked her.  When she tried to get away, he threatened to shoot and sexually assaulted her.  She attempted to escape but he dragged her into her car.  Hutchins attempted to drive away, but he hit a wall in the parking garage.  He stole the victim’s cellphone, credit card, and money.  As he exited the car to flee, he threatened to kill her if she called police.

Hutchins was arrested five days later by Cleveland Police.  The investigation was conducted by the Cleveland Police Sex Crimes Unit and Cleveland State Police Department.  DNA evidence, video surveillance, and cellphone and bank records all linked Hutchins to the crimes.  He was bound over from Juvenile Court on May 3rd.  

He was sentenced to 33 years in prison after pleading guilty to – 2 counts of Rape, 1 count of Kidnapping, 2 counts of Robbery, 2 counts of Burglary, 1 count of Grand Theft, 2 counts of Theft, and 1 count of Escape.