Cuyahoga County

Press Release Archive

6/21/2017Man Indicted for Murder of Couple Who Owned E. 185th Street Car Lot
6/12/2017Lindsey Guilty in the Murder of 3-year-old Major Howard
5/18/2017Roaa Al-Dhanoon's Ex-Husband Indicted for Her Murder
5/10/2017Sparks Henderson to Serve Five Life Sentences
4/25/2017Guilty Verdict in Robbery-Turned-Murder
4/24/2017ICAC Investigation Leads to Indictment of Registered Sex Offender
4/20/2017Man Gets Life for Murder of Parma Sunoco Owner
4/18/2017County Prosecutor files Motion to Vacate Conviction for Man Incarcerated since 1995
4/12/2017Three Indicted for Drive-By Shooting that Killed Two
4/3/2017Two Women Indicted for Murder of 5-Year-Old Girl
3/31/2017Four Convicted Rapists Sentenced 30 to Life in Unrelated Cases
3/30/2017Two Juveniles, One Adult Face Multiple Charges in Drive-by
2/27/2017Court Orders Board-Up of East Cleveland's Club Dew Drop
12/29/2016Tainted East Cleveland convictions overturned
12/22/2016Westlake Police use of deadly force ruled justifiable
12/21/2016Tenants and landlords indicted for $1.2M voucher fraud
12/19/2016Prosecutor McGinty's statement on Douglas Shine Jr. sentence
12/5/2016Lorain man indicted for preying on young girls
11/22/2016Prosecutor's Office unveils public safety initiative
11/19/2016Statement from Prosecutor McGinty on the jury's recommendation of the death penalty for Douglas Shine Jr.
11/4/2016Man sentenced for shooting two children with a single bullet
10/28/201615-year-old's killer sentenced to life without parole
10/26/2016Shooter of 15-year-old pleads guilty to Aggravated Murder
10/26/2016Racketeering charges detail scam to defraud Workers’ Comp fund
10/26/2016Shooter of 15-year-old pleads guilty to Aggravated Murder
10/25/2016Euclid man gets life plus 33 years for retaliation murder
10/24/2016Plea entered in the deadly shooting at Parma Sunoco
10/21/2016Daveion Perry indicted for murder of 15-year-old at Mr. Hero
10/20/2016Father sentenced in the shooting death of 1-year-old son
10/19/2016Attorney indicted for taking bribe to impact case
10/19/2016Multi-agency investigation takes aim at Brick Squad gang
9/30/2016Sexual Assault Kit Task Force and CWRU get $3 million in grants from U.S. Department of Justice
9/26/2016Lorain man indicted in State Trooper's death on I-90
9/20/2016Two indicted for murder of teen girl they feared might testify
9/16/2016Two former East Cleveland policemen charged in suspect's beating
9/16/2016Cleveland Police Officer indicted in suspect’s fatal shooting
8/23/2016Man who murdered two women at Chagrin Falls assisted living facility gets 66 years to life in prison
8/19/2016Indictment targets diet clinic “pill mill”
8/10/2016Lawyer indicted for stealing from clients
7/25/2016Fatal shooting by Metroparks Rangers ruled justifiable
7/15/2016Burglars who beat Parma man with a frying pan get decade-plus sentences
7/14/2016Jovan Hayes sentenced to 20 years for shooting of teenager
7/13/2016Grand Jury indictments target human traffickers
7/1/2016Man sentenced to 6.5 years in deadly accident
6/30/2016Gunman gets life sentence in murder of 5-year-old
6/27/2016Three Sentenced to Life in Gang Retaliation Murder

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