Cuyahoga County

Press Release Archive

12/30/2013Elias Acevedo enters guilty plea, gets life sentence
12/21/2013Former Parmadale worker indicted for illicit activities with minor
12/21/2013Veteran Prosecutor to Lead Juvenile Justice Initiative
12/19/2013Bedford Officials Indicted on Corruption Charges
12/19/2013Doctor indicted for “pill mill” operation
12/17/2013Jury convicts Damon Peterson on Murder Charges
12/16/2013Ronald Ellis Jr. sentenced for brutal home invasion and robbery
12/11/2013Israel Wingo Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing Autistic Teenager
12/5/2013Attorney indicted for making bomb threats
12/5/2013Three APAs honored for outstanding work
12/4/2013Hernandez Warren Now Faces Death Penalty
11/27/2013Darlell Orr sentenced to life without parole in 2011 murder
11/27/2013Jury Convicts in Drive-by Shooting Case
11/22/2013Camilla Terry guilty in son’s murder
11/19/2013Two attorneys convicted on bribery charges
11/8/2013Andrey Bridges found guilty of murder
11/7/2013Indictments target major cocaine dealer and his customers
11/7/2013Cleveland Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison
11/7/2013Cleveland police officer charged with obstructing justice
11/1/2013Anthony O. Calabrese III pleads guilty to corruption charges
10/29/2013Michael Madison re-indicted with death sentence possibility added
10/9/2013Indictment targets prostitution in Bedford
10/7/2013Tow gets 5-year sentence in RICO case
9/24/2013Former TSA Agent Sentenced to 25 Years to Life in Prison
9/11/2013Pennsylvania doctor indicted for attempted murder
9/4/2013Statement on Suicide of Ariel Castro
8/28/2013McFeeture sentenced for killing Matthew Podolak
8/28/2013Leelin Miller gets life sentence for murder
8/22/2013Cuyahoga County Corrections Officer Indicted, Arrested on Bribery Charges
8/19/2013Jerome Wade Sentenced to 11.5 Years in Prison
8/16/2013Law Enforcement Raid Closes the Last of 50 Internet Casinos Located in Cuyahoga County
8/1/2013Ariel Castro sentenced to life plus 1,000 years
7/30/2013Kinship Care Release
7/29/2013Eric Register Plead and was Sentenced for the 1989 Slaying of Armond Earl
7/29/2013Michael Madison Indicted for Three East Cleveland Murders
7/25/2013Mark Lime, Former Deputy Director of the Criminal Division of the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts Pleads Guilty to 37 Felonies
7/24/2013Grand Jury Indicts Maurice Brown for Aggravated Murder
7/24/2013Raid Shutters Last of Cuyahoga County’s “Original” Internet Casinos
7/16/2013McGinty and Will Announce Corruption Indictments Against Calabrese and Prudoff
7/12/2013Ariel Castro Indicted on 977 Counts
7/3/2013McGinty Asks Ohio Parole Board to Recommend Commuting Death Sentence
7/1/2013DNA Evidence Leads to Charges in 2004 Murder
7/1/2013Jury Trial Results in Paul Croce Being Found Guilty
6/20/2013Raid in Brook Park Closes Illegal Internet Gambling Hall, Leads to Seizure of $1.2 Million
6/18/2013Clifford Jackson Gets Life Sentence for 2011 Murder of David Thompson
6/18/2013Gregory Duncan and Jayve Jackson Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for a String of Robberies
6/13/2013Cold Case Unit Investigation Results in Indictment of Charles Steele for 1993 and 1994 Rapes Totaling Four Victims
5/24/2013Case Closed for Solon
5/22/2013Statement on Casino Shutdown
5/15/2013Hernandez Warren Charged for the Death of 14-Year-Old Gloria Pointer
5/14/2013Defendant Allen Warner Pleaded Guilty to 26 Charges For Posting Ad Relative to Child Pornography
5/13/2013Andrey L. Bridges Indicted for the Death of 20-Year-Old Carl Acoff, Jr AKA Cemia Dove
5/13/2013Statement Regarding Castro Residence
5/3/2013Clerk of Courts Requests County Prosecutor to Accept Certified Mail Waiver
4/30/2013Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Issues Indictment Relative to Cleveland Academy of Scholarship, Technology and Leadership Enterprise (CASTLE)
4/23/2013Prosecutor’s Office Waives Service of Summons on Certified Mail Saving County Taxpayer Dollars
4/22/2013Prosecutor’s Office Recognizes National Child Abuse Prevention Month
4/22/2013Sharon Moore and Rachella Womack Indicted for the Death of 25-Year-Old Nadia Williams
4/19/2013Seventeen-Year-Old Charged in Juvenile Court for Causing the Death of 81-Year-Old Maxine Lobins
4/18/2013A Third Indictment Has Been Issued in Closing Illegal Internet Casinos in Cuyahoga County
4/11/2013Steven Combs Sentenced to Life in Prison for the Death of 40-Year-Old Jeffrey Mechling
4/5/2013Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Issues First Indictment for Corruption Related Offenses
4/4/2013Blaine Murphy Pleads Guilty to Several Charges for Operating a Fraudulent Scam Flipping Houses
4/4/2013Twelve Day Jury Trial Results in Devin Brothers Being Found Guilty
3/26/2013Marvin Robinson Found Guilty for the Death of 53-Year-Old Michael Morgan
3/22/2013Top Law Enforcement Awarded for Service
3/15/2013Attorney General DeWine, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor McGinty Announce Rape Indictments
3/12/2013Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office Seizes Approximately 1.8 Million Dollars in Illegal Gambling Funds
3/11/2013Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office Announces Additional Defendants Involved in Illegal Internet Cafes
3/5/2013Donovan Owens Indicted for the Murder of 39-Year-Old Michael MacGillis, Jr.
2/28/2013Jeffrey Rembert, Jr. Sentenced to Life in Prison for the Murder of 65-Year-Old Jacqueline Gavorski
2/8/2013Gregory Ross First Defendant Sentenced From Operation Rise and Shine
2/8/2013Nathaniel Woods Sentenced to Life in Prison for the Murder of 23-Year-Old Kimberly Bolton
2/8/2013Thomas J. Castro Indicted on Additional Charges of Gross Sexual Imposition and Kidnapping
2/6/2013William Crawley Found Guilty of a 24 Count Indictment Including Aggravated Arson
2/5/2013Ramon Torres Found Guilty for the Death of 16-Year-Old Jaquan Sims
1/25/2013Thomas J. Castro and his Attorneys Anthony O. Calabrese, III, Marc G. Doumbas, and Giles Timothy Marshall Indicted on Charges of Engaging In A Pattern of Corrupt Activity, Conspiracy, and Bribery
1/24/2013Anthony Conner Found Guilty for the Death of 21-Year-Old Damon Woodard
1/17/2013Anthony J. King Sentenced to Life in Prison for the Aggravated Murder of James and Wava King
1/14/2013Helen Fettes Sentenced to Five Years Probation for the Death of 13-Year-Old Charles Kho of Olmsted Township