Cuyahoga County

Press Release Archive

12/20/2022Prosecutor O’Malley Announces New G.O.L.D. Initiative Applying Genealogical Testing to Current Unsolved Violent Crimes
11/29/2022G.O.L.D. Unit Utilizes Genealogical Testing to Identify John Doe #147 for the 1997 Sexual Assault of a Nine-Year-Old Boy in Brooklyn
11/28/2022Cleveland Man Indicted on Charges for the Hit-and-Run Incident that Killed On-Duty Cleveland Firefighter Johnny Tetrick
10/12/2022Two Fishermen Indicted On Criminal Charges for Cheating During the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Tournament
10/4/2022Two On-Duty East Cleveland Police Officers Indicted on Further Charges Along with Two Additional On-Duty East Cleveland Police Officers Indicted for Assault, Theft, and Other Charges
9/16/2022Two East Cleveland Police Officers Indicted for Aggravated Robbery Among Other Charges for Stealing from Multiple Individuals While on Duty
9/15/2022Three Individuals Indicted for Two Separate Carjackings Within Two Days in Rocky River and Independence
9/9/2022Two Former East Cleveland Police Officers Indicted for Bribery, Tampering With Records, and Insurance Fraud
9/6/2022Cleveland Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Sexually Assaulting Three Minor-Aged Sisters from June 2020 to August 2021
8/26/2022Trio Guilty for Several Armed Robberies in Cuyahoga County Including Robbery at Happy’s Pizza
7/14/2022Duo Indicted on Human Trafficking Charges Involving Multiple Victims
6/15/2022Donald Jackson-Gates Indicted for Murder in Cleveland
6/1/2022Three Individuals Indicted for Illegal Dirt Bike Activity in Cleveland
5/31/2022Six Individuals Indicted on Additional Charges for Torturing and Killing 21-Year-Old Female in East Cleveland
5/19/2022Brother and Sister Pleads Guilty to Theft for Cutting Down Over 200-Year-Old Black Walnut Tree in Cleveland Metroparks Mill Stream Run Reservation
5/18/2022Atlas Masonry Along with Owner and Foreman Indicted on Charges for Lakewood Marine Towers West Parking Garage Collapse
4/14/2022Two Men Indicted for Human Trafficking at an RTA Station in Cleveland
3/30/2022Parma Dance Teacher Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Sexually Assaulting Multiple Former Students
2/23/2022Cleveland Man Sentenced to 15 to 20 ½ Years in Prison for Physically and Sexually Assaulting a Social Worker
2/18/2022Ohio Parole Board Denies Parole and Ohio Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal for Convicted Murderer
1/12/2022Two Women Indicted for Several Robberies in Lakewood and Cleveland Area Including Robbery at Happy’s Pizza in November 2021
1/7/2022Garfield Heights Woman Indicted for Murder of Cleveland Police Officer Shane Bartek
1/5/2022Newly Awarded $700,000 Grant Will Help Enhance the Cuyahoga County Crime Gun Intelligence Center