Cuyahoga County

Vision and Goals

Everything we do at the Prosecutor’s Office and all our efforts are directed at making Cuyahoga County a thriving and safe place to live, work, and conduct business. With this in mind, our prioriĀ­ties are:

  • To refocus the Prosecutor’s Office and our law-enforcement partners on the most serious and violent offenders in order to make our neighborhoods safer and thereby encourage people to invest in their homes, their businesses and the future of Cuyahoga County;

  • To charge less and rehabilitate more, in order to focus our resources on those repeat, violent offenders. With every low-level, non-violent case that is sent to our office, we will ask if it really needs to be tried as a felony, and if it does not, we will dismiss or refer it to a municipal prosecutor to be treated as a misdemeanor;

  • To restore public confidence in the justice system, the integrity of county government and the professionalism of the Prosecutor’s Office;

  • To reform the Cuyahoga County criminal justice system by improving efficiency, transparency and accountability – to victims, taxpayers and those charged with crimes;

  • To operate the Prosecutor’s Office in an apolitical, business-like fashion with a commitment to continuous improvement.